• If you're not feeling well, it's time to go to the doctor. The doctor is your friend. Doctors and nurses are nice people who care about you and want to feel better. There's nothing to be afraid of, and it's easy to do. Learn how to go to the doctor. Total running time: 3:00. Available in mp4, wmv, and mov formats. Download now!

  • Getting your hair cut — whether at a stylist or barber, or at your home — is fun and easy! Plus, you'll look great too. See just how easy it is to get your haircut. There's nothing to be afraid of. Just relax, sit still, sit quietly and enjoy! Total running time: 5:00 in mp4 format. Download now!

  • It's fun to go to the restaurant and enjoy dinner with your family — but it's always best to be on your best behavior! Learn how to choose your food, sit quietly, use your fork and knife, and most of all have a great time! Total running time: 2:40 in mp4 format. Download now!

  • Feeling hungry? Then let's go to the store to buy some food for our family! It's easy and fun to go the store, and there's lots to learn — speech, labeling, reading, positive behavior modeling and much more! Total running time: 3:50 in mp4 format. Download now!

  • There's so much fun to enjoy at the park! Whether you like swings, spinning tires, climbing rope mountains, see-saws, playing ball or just running around, you'll learn all about the park here — and how good behaviors are very important! Total running time: 2:00 in mp4 format. Download now!

  • Going to the movies is a great time for everyone! You get to watch, maybe eat popcorn or candy, laugh and have lots of fun. But you have to be quiet at movies, and sit still, and sometimes be patient. Here's how it's done. Total running time: 2:11 in mp4 format. Download now!

  • Special Kids Step-by-Step Behavioral Modeling Posters help children learn sequentially. Our first poster focuses on self-help and personal hygiene by showing children how to shower — from getting undressed, to washing and rinsing, to toweling off. Professionally illustrated and complete with instructions, simply download, print, have laminated and hang in shower. Provided in 11 x 17 high-res pdf format.

  • Special Kids "All About Me" Digital Flashcards feature 39 digital images that parents can use to help children identify various body parts and genders, along with singular and plural representations. All flashcards are high resolution, 4-color, and feature singular and plural text to identify.