special kids seeks $99000 to produce 18 new videosSpecial Kids, a division of Now I Know Inc. (recognized U.S. 501c3), has announced a fundraising goal of $99,000 by the end of 2023 for the reproduction and production of 18 current and new titles in the organization’s highly effective video modeling program brand, Special Kids.

With 1 in 44 births now being diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, video modeling programs such as Special Kids are more important than ever to help reach — and teach — children, teens and adults on the Spectrum. The funds will be used to compensation production professionals, with founder Johnny Sprecher’s time, energy and direction provided at no charge.

Of vital interest: all programs will be offered FREE to any who need, via digital download, making Special Kids truly a non-profit with a purpose.

Any generous donation is welcome, appreciated and yes, tax deductible. To help us meet or even exceed our goals, visit here. Thank you!