Special Kids: Our Success Stories

Let us help provide new opportunities for your children and teens, just as we have helped many of our Special Parents in the past.

Dear John and Special Kids: Thank you very much for your advice and suggestions; they are greatly appreciated. That is EXACTLY what I really like about Special Kids, that they teach variety of SKILLS and not just vocabulary!

Franceska Counts, Kansas

Dear John and Special Kids: My children love you! They all get something different out of Special Kids. One says “I want John,” and it’s funny because that’s her dad’s name and I know she doesn’t mean him. Another child always looks for Jeff in the scenes because he’s a lot like our favorite cousin. We’re going to the doctor today for checkups and we practiced last night with your video so the little ones wouldn’t freak out. God bless!

Nancy Geller, Florida

Thank you so much for your movies. They’ve made such a difference in the life of our son, and thus our lives as well. Because of “All About Jesus,” he’s finally starting to tune in at church, ask questions and understand the purpose to church. We’ve finally got him started toward a relationship with our Lord, something I feared I could never give him. Through your movies, our son has also learned to shower, he’s gotten over his anxiety over showers and he’s proud that he’s also independent in the shower! Those are just a couple of the most wonderful things these videos have done for us. Thank you and God bless

Karen Glenn

Dear John and Special Kids: Our son, now five, and our three other children enjoy and have benefited greatly from several Special Kid videos. Thank you! Keenan responds so well to your videos; in fact we have to shop at the grocery store in the same order you and Eric did. I know a social skills video would be a huge help in learning and reinforcing basic social skills. What do you think? Waiting hopefully!


Dear John and Special Kids: Just wanted to let you know  My son absolutely loves Special Kids! My son is five years old and is diagnosed with mercury induced autism. He is able to label things but can’t seem to speak in sentences. Do any of your other tapes work on sentence format? Thanks!

Rebecca Hiers, Iowa

Dear John and Special Kids: Music is always great (my husband is a drummer for a rock band) but what really works for us is the pairing of your calming voice with an object and a visual. Val’s mental capacity is unbelievable and we are very confident that he will be able to someday have a job and be successful, but his behaviors are off the wall where we still cannot bring him anywhere (you know what I mean).

Maybe this will show him how to act in public places. Patience, treating others nicely, obeying rules, socialization (how to meet friends and what to do with them) learning how to play — these are some concepts that he needs. Knowing what you are capable of doing really gets my wheels turning! I believe in your product wholeheartedly and would love to share what I found with others!

Jane Sblendorio, New Jersey

Dear John and Special Kids: Thanks for all you do — we have all your videos, and they have helped us tremendously!

Chelby Campos, Texas